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Michael Krufky wrote:
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>>>> Subject: Help with recent DVB/QAM problem please.
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Background:
>>>> I have a machine in my basement with:
>>>> Hauppauge PVR-150 (connected to DCT2524)
>>>> Air2PC ATSC/OTA card (connected to antenna in attic)
>>>> Avermedia A180 (connected to comcast cable)
>>>> Dvico FusionHDTV RT 5 Lite (connectec comcast cable)
>>>> Debian using 2.6.24-x64 kernel
>>>> Situation:
>>>> Up until a week ago, I was able to use azap to tune in
>>>> a bunch of mplexids, and get good locks on both the A180 and the Dvico
>>>> card.
>>>>  However, starting on Monday,
>>>> I am not able to get locks on either of my DVB cards.
>>>> I have been able, and am still able to get good locks
>>>> on my air2pc OTA card.
>>>> Can anyone help me figure out why I can't seem to see
>>>> anything from my 2 QAM cards?  I've tried running a
>>>> dvbscan and neither card can make a good lock.  What
>>>> other debugging tools can I use to try to find any QAM
>>>> signals?  I've also tried doing a VSB-8 scan on the cable
>>>> cards, and also don't get any locks.
>>> Mark,
>>> It's good that you've moved the thread to the correct mailing list.
>>> However, I did already answer you and asked you some questions, to
>>> which you have not yet responded....
>>> Quoting myself:
>>> What variables have changed in your test environment since last Monday?
>>> If the answer is "nothing" , then the problem is more than likely due
>>> to your cable company moving services around.
>>> First, you should confirm that you still have clear QAM available...
>>> assuming yes, then I recommend scanning for channels again, using each
>>> card.
>>> Regards,
>>> Mike
>> As far as I know, no variables have changed.  The only thing that might
>> have been of note is that there seemed to have been a wierd Power Blip, and
>> my linux machine was off when I was not expecting it.
>> After turning it on, I noticed the problem.  However, it seems wierd
>> to me that a power blip would blow both QAM cards, and yet leave the ATSC
>> and the PVR-150 alone.  (I also have a PVR-150 attached to a Motorola
>> DCT-2524 in that machine).
>> My biggest problem I have right now is determining if there is even
>> any clear QAM available.  I did a dtvscan -q from both cards, and neither
>> card is able to lock anything.  Before last week, I was
>> able to get locks on many multiplexes, even those populated completely with
>> encrypted PIDs.  (I would do an azap in one window
>> to lock a multiplex, then I could do a dvbstream in another window, and run
>> tsreader on my winxp box to actually look at a stream.  Encrypted streams
>> would show up as read w/nothing to look at.
>> Clear streams could be clicked, and would play in VLC, so I could
>> see what it is.)
>> I will run another dtvscan to make sure things aren't there, but is
>> there any other means of determining the state of things QAM?  Somehow my
>> Motorola DCT-2524 seems to still see channels and
>> work fine, so if Comcast did change something, then they did
>> it so that it doesn't affect their STBs.
> This is my point, exactly.  Since your provider has provided your STB,
> they also have an interface into the STB that allows them to update
> software and / or encryption keys, etc.
> It is more than likely that your provider has changed the
> characteristics of the services on their cable.
> You may want to contact your provider directly and ask them what has
> changed with your service within the past two weeks.
> I've heard similar complaints from other users of your service provider.
> Good Luck,
> Mike

Well, I just wanted to post the fact that I have a resolution, so that
others might see this.  I know I've seen this solution before, at least
in the ivtv side, but wanted to reiterate once again.

Apparently the issue was caused by a failing power supply.  I came home
on Friday to the machine being off, and not wanting to power on at all.
Put a Power Supply tester on the Power Supply, and it still didn't want
to fire up.  So, I changed out the Antec 400W PSU with a spare Cooler
Master 500W PSU I have, and walla, everything is working again.  

Apparently the tuners on these DVB cards really require lots of juice,
and a failing PSU just couldn't supply it.  So, the lack of tuning was
the warning sign that the PSU was about to fail.

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