[linux-dvb] DViCO Fusion HDTV7 Dual Express

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Aug 19 05:13:00 CEST 2008

Tim Lucas wrote:
> I apologize if this is outside the scope of the list and would appreciate
> any help I could get offline if that makes more sense.
> I have been searching online for support for this card and it looks there
> may be support now or coming soon. I am running mythbuntu 8.04 which does
> not yet include support for this card.  I am a linux novice so I was
> wondering if you could help me add the appropriate files that will add
> support for the card.  I am a linux novice (I'm good at apt-get install, but
> no so much at building my own kernel) so I may need a little bit of hand
> holding.  Any help
> you could provide would be appreciated.
> Side question.  I thought I might have seen something about only support for
> digital on this card, not analog.  I am in an apartment complex that uses an
> antiquated (very large) satellite system.  It is listed with schedules
> direct, but I am not sure if it is digital or analog.

FusionHDTV7 Dual Express is supported in the v4l-dvb mercurial tree, hosted on linuxtv.org.
See http://linuxtv.org/repo for info about installing the driver into your running kernel.

Support for the card will be available out-of-the-box in the unreleased kernel 2.6.27


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