[linux-dvb] Skystar HD2 (device don't stream data).

barry bouwsma free_beer_for_all at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 14:45:56 CEST 2008

--- On Tue, 8/19/08, Beth <beth.null at gmail.com> wrote:

> don't know what I am looking for, so yes, I get pid
> lists on the
> stream, data from an VID, but I really don't know what
> I am doing, or

Do you have `tspids' available?  You should try
$ tspids < test_100M.ts

and see what numerical PIDs are listed.  Or use a smaller
file (not the full ten hours).  I see you have PID 0, and at
least one other.

Also, the exact name of the station you're trying to tune to
would be helpful, to see if the data you've captured matches
the expected PIDs.  Even the particular line from your tuning
file would be useful to verify it's correct.

barry bouwsma


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