[linux-dvb] Skystar HD2 (device don't stream data).

Beth beth.null at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 02:19:41 CEST 2008

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, that's incredible.

By two things, first for a silly stupid and more stupid thing, there
are a lot of  channels with 0:0 at its vid and aid, I assume that if
scan was finding channels it is doing on the correct way. This
afternoon I was doing tests on xp and I found that for that channel
the are 167 for video and 108 for audio, as yours (I smile when I saw

The second, I had learned a lot, a lot about dvb, I need to learn much
more but it is a funny way of learning.

Well, and the big question, why scan didn't found the vid and aid for
a lot of channels?

> You might want to look through your scan file and verify that most
> entries have other-than-0 for the PIDs.  Other than a few data or
> inactive channels, most should have at least audio, and for TV, a
> video PID as well.  My scan results from one card sometimes miss the
> PIDs, which I haven't traced further.

538 channels with 0:0 at vid:aid, of 1353, I dont know if that is
normal or if I must to re-scan.

> Anyway, I'm not sure if the programs you use are capable of dynamically
> determining the relevant PIDs based on the service number (30222) --
> I know mine don't, so if a channel changes PIDs (as those at 28E do
> rather frequently), I no longer receive the correct data; and I've
> read, but not acted upon, that there are updated user programs that do
> adjust dynamically...

I really don't know if this is possible.

> That explains why your files are so small -- you don't have the video
> and audio PIDs; only PID 0 and a few other random IDs (one is a bit of
> video, but the audio PID 108 is missing completely).
> Probably, if you manually change the video and audio PIDs from 0 to
> the values I have, you'll receive the data you need.

Is the first thing I made, and yessss, I get video&audio :)

>> me. There is
>> something that I don't understand, if I tune a channel
>> with szap2, why
>> the stream has so many pids?, and which pids the programs
>> take to
>> reproduce the video?, or the programs don't know
> I suspect the additional PIDs you see from `tspids' are accidental,
> or corruptions in the data stream.
> Within PID 0, your known service ID 30222 is mapped to be found under
> PID 1053 as you quoted in an earlier message from mplayer:
>   PROG: 30222 (10-th of 16), PMT: 1053
> Then mplayer goes on to look at PID 1053 and finds not only the video
> and audio PIDs, but several others, that I'll need to look at with
> dvbsnoop...  One moment...
> PID 53 is teletext;
> the remaining 11 PIDs appear to be data that you can ignore.
> These are 208, 222, 309, 392, 213, 253, 307, 356, 761, 888, 623.
> They can be seen in PID 1053 (dvbsnoop -s ts -tssubdecode -if ... 1053)
> I'm not sure why you didn't get at least this channel during your
> scan with the above valid audio and video PIDs.  Perhaps you can
> look through your scan file to see if there are many others like this.

At this point I am a bit lost, I must to re-read things a bit ;).

> On the transponders used by Canal+ Espana (or whatever it is), there
> will be a few channels with 0 for PIDs as above, but not too many.

(yes Canal+ España), in the entire scan I get 538 (but this is for all
the scan range)

> Over the entire Astra 19E satellite, the most such ``channels'' will
> be data channels at 12603, or perhaps on the german Premiere transponders,
> so if you are finding a lot more than that, then you are seeing a
> problem somewhere in parsing your scan properly.

I am going to take a eye on the "scan" program, to see what is doing wrong.

> Hope this is helpful!
> barry bouwsma

Helpful? you are my hero, man.

I don't know if tomorrow I will have free time at home, but as soon as
I can do it I am going to re-scan, re-check all, and inform you as
soon as I can.

Barry, a lot of thanks, thanks for your support, see you and kind
regards from Spain.

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