[linux-dvb] CX23885 based AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Express Slim tv card

rvf16 rvf16 at yahoo.gr
Fri Aug 22 13:46:31 CEST 2008

Hello Steven
Thank you for for reply.

Steven Toth wrote:
> I suspect nobody's that interesting in adding Avermedia support.
> Issues like this tend to annoy linux contributors:
> http://lists.gpl-violations.org/pipermail/legal/2006-June/000798.html
> - Steve

As much as i can sympathize with that i don't think it should be enough to keep anyone from helping supporting a device under linux.
We are not doing this for the companies. Even though sometimes they do steal our work we should remember that we are doing this for the community.
We are trying to make Linux independent so that users don't need the M***** OSes.

Anyway i understand everyones feelings after checking out the link above.
I just hope you reconsider.

I have created a wiki for this card :


Thank you very much.

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