[linux-dvb] leadtek dtv1800 h support

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Mon Aug 25 16:23:14 CEST 2008

Paul Chubb wrote:
> Hi,
>     a few months ago Miroslav Sustek created a patch for this card 
> against Markus Rechberger's v4l repository. This patch is attached as 
> dtv1800.patch. A patched and compiled set of drivers fails on ubuntu 
> hardy heron 8.04 with lots of symbol errors. Hardy is running 
> I have attempted to backport this patch to the current v4l tree with 
> limited success. The driver loads however fails to do anything useful. 
> My patch is attached as dtv1800h-v4l.patch.
> I *think* the issue is with loading firmware. The tuner-xc2028.c 
> function check_firmware is passed a frontend without the firmware name - 
> producing the error shown in the dmesg listing below. If I hack the 
> function and hardcode the firmware file name, it attempts to load the 
> firmware but fails when it tries to read back.
> Now that I am totally out of my depth I am not sure what to try next. 
> Any help will be gratefully received.

Don't call cx_write() inside the gpio card setup, you're potentially 
destroying the other bits, it's risky.

+		cx_write(MO_GP1_IO, 0x101010);  //gpio 12 = 1: powerup XC3028
+		mdelay(250);
+		cx_write(MO_GP1_IO, 0x101000);  //gpio 12 = 0: powerdown XC3028
+		mdelay(250);
+		cx_write(MO_GP1_IO, 0x101010);  //gpio 12 = 1: powerup XC3028
+		mdelay(250);
+		break;

Call cx_clear() and cx_set() instead, for the specific gpio bit (12) 
that you need.

- Steve

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