[linux-dvb] saa7162. Aver saa7135 cards. User stupid questions. More or less.

mincho at interia.pl mincho at interia.pl
Wed Aug 27 20:14:33 CEST 2008

Maybe thats really stupid question, but I greped and googled very 
intensive and I am not sure.
What is recent status of saa7162 driver?
Am I wrong - work is frozen due to missing specs?
So should I assume - that schmeltz will not work under linux for long 
time more?

Aver DVB-T Hybrid+FM PCI A16D.
I found (on wiki page), that this card is poor supported.
But I did not found 777 A16A-C at all.
I have A16A-C and it works excellent.
What is recent status for Hybrid+FM PCI A16D?

Wieslaw Kirbedz

Nie szukam kochanka!
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