[linux-dvb] Inclusion of STB0899 support in kernel

johan vdp johan_vdp at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 27 22:19:06 CEST 2008

What happened to STB0899 support?
Building a kernel, patching it (with some luck), building applications with patches to match the driver, it is simply too much work.
(It might be fun once, but starts to be annoying when automatic package updates start to fail, the next day.)
Having support in the kernel, will lead to applications that 'automatically' start to support it.
Back in the days that 'multiproto' development was still alive and buzzing. The STB0899 cards looked like having the best support.
I have followed these lists for some time and opted to buy a STB0899 based DVB-S2 tuner card because the outlook for support was good; THEN.
NOW it must have been two years, and it is still not merged into the kernel.

What needs to be done? Can I help?

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