[linux-dvb] Looks like there's a new unsupported WinTV Nova T 500 out there

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Thu Aug 28 08:32:48 CEST 2008

Michael Krufky wrote:
> Paul Gardiner wrote:
>> Just trying to get MythTV up and running, plugged in my
>> newly arrived WinTV Nova T 500 and no /dev/dvb directory
>> appeared. It's not the known probelmatic Diversity version,
>> but it does say v2.1 on the box, and it seems to have
>> different chips. :-(
>> Just thought I'd warn people and maybe ask if anyone
>> else has run into this.
> What is the 5-digit model number of your PCI card?

Says 99101 LF
      Rev D8B5

Also on the circuit board: 990000-03A LF

It has 2 x 3000P-2122a-G / 6121030-A / 0636-200-A
        1 x 0700C-XCXXa-G / USB2.0 / D2F9Y.7 / 0635-0100-C
        1 x VT6212L / 0617CD

> Did you confirm that it doesn't work in the v4l-dvb master repository?

Do you mean build from the leading edge? No, didn't try that.

> If that's the case, give me a few days and I'll push in a patch for it.

Brilliant, thanks, but how is that possible? I can imagine it's not a
huge change to make a new ID recognised, but with the chips being
different, isn't a huge complicated change? Or are these different
variants of the same chip?


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