[linux-dvb] Looks like there's a new unsupported WinTV Nova T 500 out there

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Thu Aug 28 20:35:13 CEST 2008

Paul Gardiner wrote:
> I'm going to try the card in a Windows machine. Didn't
> want to pollute that machine with the extra drivers, but
> I guess now it's looking like a dead card.

Oh sorry. It's a dead card. The Latest drivers for Windows,
from the Hauppauge web site agree with your drivers in
finding no supported hardware.  The USB part is recognised
but then a device called HOOK appears, and the Windows
drivers just don't want to touch that.

I think I was justifiably confused by the wiki. There's
plenty about the Diversity version that isn't supported,
but nothing saying that there are any v2.1 versions that
do work, or anything about the 99XXX series. I could
try updating it, but that's a bit risky: if I had done
so yesterday, I'd have been spreading my scaremongering
further afield. Better if people really in the know do so.
On the other hand, if the experts have little time and
it's the choice between updating the drivers and the wiki,
I know which I'd vote for! :-)

Anyway, thanks for all the friendly advice. I'll let you
know how I get on with the replacement, when it arrives.


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