[linux-dvb] Future of DVB-S2

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Fri Aug 29 16:08:24 CEST 2008

>> 1. We decide multiproto is awesome, it's status is not that bad and the 
>> future path. Fix it and put it in hg.
>> 2. Multiproto is NOT the way to go in the future, or it's too messed up 
>> and too much work to fix. In that case, forget about any other new 
>> protocol other than DVB-S2 and port the drivers for the DVB-S2 cards to 
>> hg. Apps will get patched soon enough as soon as S2 goes in-kernel.

These aren't the only options.

> I just hope the developper understand US.

... and yes, many people understand you.

> We know all about the "coding in your free time" and we can only have 
> the highest respect for that, but the drivers are completely abandonded, 
> and that's how we feel, too.

No, and that's my HVR4000 code you're talking about (and the good work 
of Darron Broad, which was then picked up by Igor). The driver is 
marginalized, it's not abandoned.

The HVR4000 situation is under review, the wheels are slowly turning.... 
just not fast enough for many of you - I guess.

- Steve

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