[linux-dvb] VP3030 DVB-T disabled in Manu Mantis tree Why?

Carl Oscar Ejwertz oscarmax3 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 21:26:48 CEST 2008

Im curious about the reason the VP3030 card is disabled in the Manu 
Mantis tree.
in mantis_dvb.c

it's commented out.. and I wonder what the reason.. is the VP3030 card 
crap and never will work or?
#if 0
    case MANTIS_VP_3030_DVB_T:    // VP-3030
        dprintk(verbose, MANTIS_ERROR, 1, "Probing for 10353 (DVB-T)");
        mantis->fe = zl10353_attach(&mantis_vp3030_config, 
        if (mantis->fe) {
            if (dvb_pll_attach(mantis->fe,
                       &dvb_pll_env57h1xd5) < 0) {

                return -EIO;
            dprintk(verbose, MANTIS_ERROR, 1,
                "Mantis DVB-T Zarlink 10353 frontend attach success");

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