[linux-dvb] DVB-S2 / Multiproto and future modulation support

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Sat Aug 30 17:00:49 CEST 2008

Andreas Oberritter wrote:
> Steven Toth wrote:
>> If you feel that you want to support our movement then please help us by
>> acking this email.
> In general, I like your proposal.
> Acked-by: Andreas Oberritter <obi at linuxtv.org>

Andreas, thank you for your support.

> Regarding the code:
> 1) What's TV_SEQ_CONTINUE good for? It seems to be unused.
> 2) Like Christophe I'd prefer to use DTV_ and dtv_ prefixes.
> 3) Did you mean p.u.qam.modulation below? Also, p.u.qam.fec_inner is
> missing.
> +		printk("%s() Preparing QAM req\n", __FUNCTION__);
> +		/* TODO: Insert sanity code to validate a little. */
> +		p.frequency = c->frequency;
> +		p.inversion = c->inversion;
> +		p.u.qam.symbol_rate = c->symbol_rate;		
> +		p.u.vsb.modulation = c->modulation;
> 4) About enum tv_cmd_types:
> The Tone Burst command got lost (FE_DISEQC_SEND_BURST). How about
> Which old ioctls should be considered as obsolete? Do you plan to add a
> tv_cmd for every old ioctl?

I'm collecting all of the feedback, we have lots of comments and change 
suggests - but largely we're heading in a good direction.

You've pointed out some obvious missing pieces (the new s2 patch was 
written in 12 hours - so it hasn't had the time multiproto had to be 
developers), so we're going to have to fill in some missing pieces.

When the mailing list settles down I'm going to publish an email to all 
interested parties about all of the comments, and we can respond to each 
comment until we feels it's resolved.

Again, thank you for your support.



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