[linux-dvb] DVB-S2 / Multiproto and future modulation support

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Sun Aug 31 23:26:47 CEST 2008

Markus Rechberger wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 8:03 PM, Steven Toth <stoth at linuxtv.org> wrote:
>> Charles Price wrote:
>>>> If you also feel frustrated by the multiproto situation and agree in
>>>> principle with this new approach, and the overall direction of the API
>>>> changes, then we welcome you and ask you to help us.
>>> I wholeheartedly agree.
>>> Although I can't offer any programming input, I do have a variety of DVB
>>> hardware and different architectures on which I can test your creations.
>>> Happy to help.
> not reading the parts above, but saying this is Steven, not caring
> about the main people who work on something.
> There's a split between a few people here (including myself) and other
> people from that scene who just don't care about anything.
> Manu and the others put in alot work, why screw what he wrote (code)
> he has been on vacation (I know he married a few weeks ago - since I
> got the invitation) Hauppauge people (Michael Krufky and Steven Toth)
> are running their personal own game .. sorry to say that but it's that
> way.
> I have logs and mails here where Steven and Mike wrote hey that would
> be a cool idea about compatibility but when "I" mentioned it again and
> spent work on it it was like hey we're linux only (I don't only care
> about linux since I also work alot with commercial companies in that
> area look at the dibcom website - Job requirement 'independent' code
> neither do I want to depend on Windows nor Linux but having something
> that works on both in case of hardware is fine - especially I2C is
> trivial to realize for everything).
> Rethink your position and try to get people onboard but don't try to
> screw people and run your own game.
> Seeing the comments Acked-By: xyz - I cannot review neither contribute
> code but I can provide webspace .. hilarious. get down on earth again
> Steven, Mike expecially Mauro - try to get Manufacturers onboard
> instead working against you.
> I talked alot with Manu he has good connections and is avoing to work
> together just as I am because of certain Monopoly and copyright
> infringements which you are building here (I see Mauro using leaked
> code here!) . Mauro is spreading foo, Manu has the specs for xyz. I
> fully understand Manu's point since Mauro did the same with me,
> however .. I better don't comment it.
> Let's put another thing in here: Greg Kroah Hartman Linux Guy reverted
> my patch in favour of supporting the binary Firmware upload tool of
> Dell (I fully support Dell here too) although claiming to be
> opensource but still running after someone (please comment this one -
> it confused me at 'your' position). It was just like ok let's revert
> it but not asking why?!
> I'm just getting up with this just because I saw following yesterday:
> 21:07 < pmp> hmm: request_firmware(&fw, CX24116_DEFAULT_FIRMWARE,
> &state->i2c->dev) ?
> 21:08 < pmp> the &state->i2c->dev looks strange and the kernel is
> saying that about it: kobject_add failed
>              for i2c-1 with -EEXIST, don't try to re....
> 21:09 < pmp> other fe-driver have a callback in their config-struct...
> 21:09 < pmp> I start to believe there is a reason ;)
> I better cut it now.

I've learned never to expect anything different from you, such a pity.


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