[linux-dvb] New scan file for cz-Praha

Tomas Drajsajtl linux-dvb at drajsajtl.cz
Wed Dec 3 00:03:06 CET 2008

Here is the actual map: http://www.digizone.cz/texty/mapy-pokryti/

So for Prague:

mux 1 Ceska televize
channel 53, 8 MHz, 8k, guard 1/4, fec 2/3, qam 64, hier none

mux 2 Ceske radiokomunikace http://www.digizone.cz/texty/pokryti-sit-a/
channel 41, 8 MHz, 8k, guard 1/4, fec 2/3, qam 64, hier none

mux 3 Czech Digital Group http://www.digizone.cz/texty/pokryti-sit-b/
channel 46, ??? (probably the same, it's the same in Brno, where I live

mux 4 Telefonica O2 http://www.digizone.cz/texty/pokryti-sit-c/
channel 64, 8 MHz, 8k, guard 1/8, fec 2/3, qam 64, hier none
(only here the guard interval is different as in Brno)

According to the
http://www.digizone.cz/texty/multiplex-1-mapy-pokryti-ceska-televize/  the
channel 570 Mhz (channel 33) is just a weak copy of mux 1 from Usti n.L.

I hope I will calculate correctly, please check.
mux 1: channel 53 -> 730 MHz
mux 2: channel 41 -> 634 MHz
mux 3: channel 46 -> 674 MHz
mux 4: channel 64 -> 818 MHz

You can use the cz-Brno file I posted here a month ago which should be now
commited in the tree. Just replace the frequencies in that file.


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Oooh, replying to myself.  What an egoist.  UNFIT TO DRIVE
ON THEE INTERNET.  Shameful.  May as well write a novel
of nothing but talking to himself.  GET A ROOM!

On Tue, 2 Dec 2008, BOUWSMA Barry slobbered and dribbled:

> Or, a quick search (with no background) shows this frequency
> is in use at Usti n.Labem (north-ish; would have to search my
> maps to quote actual antenna distance and view terrain and

Relying on g00gle cache with results for `dvb-t praha', it
seems that ``dxradio.cz - přehled DVB-T vysílačů v Česku''
lists frequencies in use at present, and ``DigitálníTelevize.cz >
Pozemní digitální vysílání v České republice'' lists planned
frequencies -- possibly modulation parameters are linked from
the latter, I haven't yet checked, but Real Soon Now I should
map out a cz-all file comparable to my Baden-Wuerttemberg file
to get a better overview...

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