[linux-dvb] Technisat HD2 cannot szap/scan

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 21:10:53 CET 2008

On Mon, 8 Dec 2008, Pavel Hofman wrote:

> Results of the scan give very often zero APID, VPID:
> Sky Cust Ch:11934:v:0:27500:0:0:4505:5
> Cartoon Network Game 4:12012:v:0:27500:0:2603:8005:5
> Video Application Val:12012:v:0:27500:2518:2519:8015:5
> Sky Bingo:12012:v:0:27500:0:0:8032:5
> Sky Bet, Vegas & Sky Poker:12012:v:0:27500:0:0:8076:5

These are all programmes -- or rather, data services or MHP/
OpenTV/whatever BSkyB uses -- at 28E -- nowhere else.

Your sat dish is clearly misaligned -- you are probably
receiving your CZ/SK/Kabel Deutschland/NL correctly at
23E5, but instead of 19E2, you are receiving 28E, with
english speaking programmes for the UK -- the majority
of the 19E2 programmes are german language, with a few
french, spanish, and a handful of other languages.

Do you have a normal satellite receiver?  If so, use
that, as you move your dish slightly in one direction
(to the direction of the sunset) until you receive your
CZ stations -- although now they will be received on
the other LNB input -- and then you should be seeing
the programmes from 19E2.

As long as you are receiving FreeSat/BSkyB programmes,
there is no way that an Astra 19E2 scanfile will help.

barry bouwsma

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