[linux-dvb] Hauppauge Nova-TD-500 84xxx remote control

Bob pongo_bob at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 17 13:14:43 CET 2008

 I used the following kludge :

 The code for handling the remote is missing in linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dib0700_devices.c. Around line 1402 in you need to add 


		.rc_interval      = DEFAULT_RC_INTERVAL,
		.rc_key_map       = dib0700_rc_keys,
		.rc_key_map_size  = ARRAY_SIZE(dib0700_rc_keys),
		.rc_query         = dib0700_rc_query

pinched from the remotes above.

This enables the remote if you recompile and reload the module you should see a new input device in dmesg, in my case I can cat /dev/input/event4 and see the key presses.

Unfortunately , the code in dib0700_rc_query always returns the last key pressed so you get an event every 150mS with the same key in it. So on to the next kludge :

At the top of dib0700_rc_query I added:

static int toggle;

and after i = dib0700_ctrl_rd( blah blah) :

if ( key[2] == toggle )
  return 0;
toggle = key[2];

This checks if the key fetched from the remote is the same as the last and returns if it is thus dumping all the repeats from dib0700_ctrl_rd;

Now you should find that UP , DOWN , LEFT and RIGHT keys work ok but not much else.

Kludge No.3 coming up :
Starting around line 612 in dib0700_devices.c are the key mappings for the Hauppauge remote. I changed the mapping for KEY_OK to KEY_ENTER so now I can navigate menus and select items.

And that is as far as I've got ..


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