[linux-dvb] Can't get signal lock with Hauppauge Nova TD-500

Jyrki Niskala jyrki.n at telia.com
Sat Dec 20 08:20:08 CET 2008

Jyrki Niskala wrote:
> Hello
> I'm stucked here with a problem with a new Hauppauge card called Nova 
> TD-500.
> When tuning, I got lock on 4 of 5 muxes.  The fifth, non working mux, is 
> at 778 MHz.
> It's same behaviour on both tuners, with tzap or MythTV,  with or 
> without lna option.
> I have also tried with another computer with same result.
> The signal is not a problem. I have 3 other dvb-t cards up and running 
> for the moment...
> All muxes are from 538 MHz to 778 MHz (64 QAM, 8 MHz bandwith, 8k 
> transmission mode)
Hi again,

For completeness and reference for others I need to close this issue.

By comparing usbsnoop logs from Windows driver with source code of the 
demod (dib7000p) I found out that the windows driver is using auto guard 
interval when tuning. My channel configurations,  tzap and MythTV, was 
using manual guard interval at 1/8.  After changing my configurations to 
use auto guard interval I got 5:th mux working.
Now the card is back in duty ...

Merry Christmas,

/ Jyrki

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