[linux-dvb] How to stream DVB-S2 channels over network?

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 03:29:45 CET 2008

On Sat, 20 Dec 2008, Artem Makhutov wrote:

> 1. The stb0899 driver is broken and is producing a bad stream
> 2. The network streaming of VLC and dvbstream is broken

Use the `-o:' option of `dvbstream' to write to a file,
then see if this file is corrupted or damaged.  If this
is so, then case 1 above would be correct.

> Do you know any other methods to stream a DVB-S2 channel over network?

There's no difference between a DVB-S2 channel and any
other source of 188-byte Transport Stream packets, be
they video, radio, data, or whatever.

I've used `dvbstream' in the past to stream multicast
data; the problem I had was in the limited support of
the players I was using to handle the stream properly.
I also think I may have had to hack `dvbstream' slightly
to properly support and tag the payloads, though I may
be mis-remembering.

At the moment I'm using `dvbstream' to stdout, then
piping that to extract the audio payload of interest,
which I then pipe to a different streaming program that
performs better for a simple audio stream without the
excess overhead of the TS, and it's working well.

The only problem I've had has been the interaction with
the various hardware I use on the purity of the stream
-- if the USB ethernet is connected one way, it causes
the stream from the DVB receiver to be corrupted, and
if the receiver is connected through a particular USB
hub, its stream is again corrupted occasionally.  It is
all very annoying when I forget, and confusing to try
and track down these imperfections -- for example, I've
now determined that a particular external USB->HDD
adapter cannot be connected directly to my EHCI card,
nor to the first hub, but seems fine when a second hub
is connected to the first, then the disk to that
daisy-chain.  And on another machine, the two EHCI USB
ports don't work at all, while working wonderfully with

That off-topic rambling was to note that problems often
may be caused by seemingly unrelated things for reasons
which I cannot understand, not being intimate with the
kernel internals or how hardware works.

Back on-topic, I have used `dvbstream' to multicast TS
of radio and video, tuning directly with it (i.e., no
`szap' needed) with no real problems, though it is the
standard `dvbtools' version that I've undoubtedly hacked.

barry bouwsma

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