[linux-dvb] Where to buy Anysee E30C in Europe ("Euroland")?

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Tue Dec 30 21:29:17 CET 2008

Anders Eriksson wrote:
> Got one in sweden (Elgiganten, 1000 SEK iirc), but the card reader (CA/CI
> thing) turned out to be unsupported. Reading the kernel sources for the driver,
> i found a comment indicating that the CA/CI reader was not (yet) supported.

Anysee have standard ISO 7816 card reader interface + SoftCAM in the 
driver. I did not implemented card reader due to lack of time & 
interest. It probably needs own driver module for card reader and there 
is no very similar module that can be used of base of the mode. However 
I did some protocol reverse-engineering and those results can be found from:
Feel free to implement smart card reader module :)

> Luckily, Elgiganten had a free 30 day return policy, so I returned mine.

This device is rather common in Finland and Sweden. Also found from 
Netherlands and Latvia.


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