[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Add missing S2 caps flag to S2API

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Wed Dec 31 12:52:06 CET 2008

On 31.12.2008 12:13, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Dec 2008 16:35:05 +0100
> hermann pitton <hermann-pitton at arcor.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Am Donnerstag, den 25.12.2008, 10:44 +0100 schrieb Helmut Auer:
>>> Hello Udo
>>>> After some insights to S2API interface, this looks even better to me:
>>>> properties.num = 1;
>>>> properties.props[0].cmd = DTV_DELIVERY_SYSTEM;
>>>> properties.props[0].u.data = SYS_DVBS2;
>>>> if (ioctl(d, FE_CAP_SET_PROPERTY, &properties) >= 0) {
>>>>      // has S2 capability
>>>> }
>>>> A generic frontend test function that delivers the necessary S2 
>>>> capability information, and many other capabilities too. And there are a 
>>>> lot more delivery systems that seem to be hard to detect, so a query 
>>>> function 'can do SYS_XXXX' seems necessary anyway.
>>> That's a good approach, but I doubt that anyone takes care of it.
>>> This mailing list is like WOM (Write only Memory) when you post patches 
>>> or make suggestions :(
>> if I get the status right for this one, we have from Klaus a fully
>> qualified patch according to README.patches.
>> http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-dvb/msg30371.html
>> Further we have at least an ACK from Steven and no NACK so far.
>> http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-dvb/msg30817.html
> After reviewing the thread, it seems that Manu also ACKed:
> 	http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-dvb/msg30422.html
> He only suggested to use a shorter name. 
> I also prefer a shorter name, but both ways work fine. I'll let Klaus to decide
> to take one of the suggested names.
> IMO, "2G" Is clearer than "2ND_GEN". Also, maybe we should keep the association
> with "MODULATION" at the naming. So, I vote for this name:

That's fine with me.

>> But that ACK also means that he will not forward it himself to Mauro
>> through one of his development repositories by a pull request.
>> In this case direct mail to Mauro is requested to let him know a patch
>> on the list is considered to be ready, or wait until he gets aware of
>> it.
> Yes, please. I generally wait for people to agree on such changes, then someone
> will get the acks and commit on his tree, or reply at the thread asking me
> to get the final patch.
> Klaus, 
> could you prepare the final patch? and send it to me, keeping the ML C/C?

See attachement.

> I can't avoid to comment a small CodingStyle issue I noticed at the patch:
> +        FE_CAN_2ND_GEN_MODULATION       = 0x10000000, // frontend supports "2nd generation modulation" (DVB-S2)
> "//" for comments shouldn't happen, since it violates C99 syntax that it is used
> on kernel. 

I just used the same comment characters as the other lines that were
already there ;-)

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