[linux-dvb] Where to buy Anysee E30C in Europe ("Euroland")?

Anders Eriksson aeriksson at fastmail.fm
Wed Dec 31 14:56:34 CET 2008

crope at iki.fi said:
> >> Anysee have standard ISO 7816 card reader interface + SoftCAM in the driver. 
> >> I did not implemented card reader due to lack of time &  interest. It 
> >> probably needs own driver module for card reader and there  is no very 
> >> similar module that can be used of base of the mode. 
> > Am I right in understanding that all information required to drive the driver
> > is available? No lack of specs? I was thinking that we mught want to forward
> > it to the gregkh. He once put up an offer to write drivers for any hw if
> > specs were provided.

> No, there is no specs available. I did current driver by  reverse-engineering.
> Reverse-engineering USB-protocol is not usually  very bad task. 

Hi Antti,

Any chance we can persuade you to create the driver? I'm on the ComHem Swedish 
cable operator myself, and would be happy to assist with debugging etc. 
Unfortunately, I have no idea where to start a usb reverse engineering task 
myself as a solo activity. :-(


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