[linux-dvb] TT-1401 budget card support broken since 2.6.24-rc6

Dirk Brenken dirk at brenken.org
Sun Feb 3 13:46:49 CET 2008

Hi Oliver,
I've revoked the changes of the patch you've mentioned below on a plain 
vanilla 2.6.24 kernel - and it works! ;-)

If I should do more testing on this issue, please advice ...


Oliver Endriss schrieb:
> Dirk Brenken wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm running a "budget-only" (Technotrend S-1401) vdr system (1.5.13) 
>> with xinelibouput plugin (latest cvs checkout).  It's based on debian 
>> sid and it runs fine with kernel ... up to kernel 2.6.24-rc5. 
>> After that version, my budget card system stops working ... here some 
>> log file stuff:
>> ...
>> The problem also occurs with kernel plus latest v4l-dvb 
>> checkout. Any idea how to track down this error? Any help is appreciated!
> Could you please check whether patch
>     http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb/rev/816f256c2973
> broke the driver?
> CU
> Oliver

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