[linux-dvb] Satelco EasyWatch + Cryptoworks

David Santinoli marauder at tiscali.it
Mon Feb 4 19:21:48 CET 2008

On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 09:22:22PM +0100, Christoph Pfister wrote:
> > while gnutv reported this (and no stream was present at dvr0):
> You can run "gnutv -out dvr" or "gnutv -out file <filename>".

These are the outcomes of my latest experiments with the various tuning
utilities.  All tests refer to the tuning of JSTV1 (Cryptoworks).

- gnutv, zap:
  Most of the time unable to lock in the encrypted channel.
  The status line keeps udating and displays data similar to these:

  status SC    | signal c080 | snr aa88 | ber 0000ff20 | unc 00000000 |

  In this situation, no stream is available on dvr0, or written to a

  However, once in a while, launching these utilities results in
  correct locking of the channel.  In this case the status line gets
  displayed only once (no update), as in

  status SCVYL | signal c440 | snr d119 | ber 00000900 | unc 00000000 | FE_HAS_LOCK

  and is shortly followed by the "Received new PMT - sending to CAM..."
  message.  In this case, decryption is OK.

- szap:
  always succeeds in locking the channel (but of course, no decryption):

  status 1f | signal c586 | snr d0f5 | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 | FE_HAS_LOCK

Does the snr play any role in the inability of zap/gnutv to tune che
channel in?  (To my unexperienced eye, all FE_HAS_LOCKs seem to occur
only when snr is above a certain threshold.)
Do the tuning mechanisms in gnutv/zap and szap differ somehow?

Thanks to anyone willing to shed some light on this.

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