[linux-dvb] Appeal for information on the Microtune MT2061

bWare at iWare.co.uk bWare at iWare.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 12:49:15 CET 2008

Hi All,

I am still trying to get my Freecom v4 USB stick to tune.

Realtek have provided a GPL driver for its main RTL2831U chip. However 
the driver assumes that this is paired with a MT2060 or MXL5005 tuner. 
(and failing to find a MT2060, defaults to the MXL5005 on this stick).

The stick's tuner is actually marked MT2061F. A part not listed on 
Microtune's website or in the Realtek or linux-dvb MT2060 drivers.

Has anyone got any information on the MT2061, specifically how it may 
differ from the MT2060? Or any suggestions how I may find this out?


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