[linux-dvb] Nova-T 500 issues - losing one tuner

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Wed Feb 6 20:29:33 CET 2008


You can now laugh at me, the supposedly problem-free user...

I managed to get my nova-t-500 to lose a tuner too!

MythTV was recording on tuner 1.

I was channel surfing on tuner 2.

After flipping through a few channels, I got a black screen.

I looked at the logs. MythTV is complaining that the file it uses to
watch TV (in fact you never watch the stream from the card, MythTV
records the channel in a file, then plays that file) is invalid.

You bet it is invalid, it's mostly not there, or with a size of zero.

I guess that the tuner became non-responsive and thus outputs nothing.

Getting out of "LiveTV" and coming back does not fix it. Trying to go to
another channel serves no purpose, MythTV must be desperately trying to
get any sort of response from the tuner before sending it any new

That was a long "me too", but a "me too" all the same.

Dang !

Oh, my reception quality that used to be ugly has been fixed. I am now a
user of a 26dB gain masthead amplifier. My signal strength took a 25%
improvement, BER and UNC are zero on all channels. Still using the
internal LNA, though; I haven't tried doing without it.


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