[linux-dvb] AVerMedia DVB-S Hybrid+FM and DVB-S Pro [A700]

Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 16:23:58 CET 2008

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> [linux-dvb] AVerMedia DVB-S Hybrid+FM and DVB-S Pro [A700]
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> Peter Meszmer <hubblest at web.de>
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> Thu, 7 Feb 2008 10:23:27 +0100
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> Hello,
> I'm watching this list for quite a while now, looking forward to see my 
> Avermedia AVerTV DVB-S Hybrid+FM supported. 
> This card looks very similar to the Avermedia AVerTV DVB-S Pro [A700], so I 
> tried the two existing patches. Finally, Matthias Schwarzott's (zzam) 
> patch "a700_full_20080204" did it. 
> DVB-S is working very well using Kaffeine 0.8.5, input via S-Video or 
> Composite worked, since I bought the card, and is still working.
> Is it possible, to add the cards ID (1461:a7a2) to the list?
> Thanks for all the work you did! Ich ziehe meinen Hut!
> Best regards,
> Peter Meszmer

    ¿Have you been able to make the DVB-S part work, so? I've been 
trying these days using ZZam's patch only (Tino's one also mentioned in 
the wiki doesn't apply for now), and I was completely unable to get a 
lock on any frequency.

I thought it was because the driver was incomplete (without Tino's 
patch...), but if it works for you then I'll probably need to check my 
antenna, satellite, etc...

My card is the DVB-S Pro simple (not hybrid), but I don't think this 
makes any difference.

Best regards,
  Eduard Huguet

(PS: sorry for double posting. I forgot to change the subject  title 

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