[linux-dvb] AVerMedia DVB-S Hybrid+FM and DVB-S Pro [A700]

Peter Meszmer hubblest at web.de
Thu Feb 7 17:47:23 CET 2008

Am Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2008 schrieb Eduard Huguet:
> Hi,
>     ¿Have you been able to make the DVB-S part work, so? I've been
> trying these days using ZZam's patch only (Tino's one also mentioned in
> the wiki doesn't apply for now), and I was completely unable to get a
> lock on any frequency.
> I thought it was because the driver was incomplete (without Tino's
> patch...), but if it works for you then I'll probably need to check my
> antenna, satellite, etc...
> My card is the DVB-S Pro simple (not hybrid), but I don't think this
> makes any difference.
> Best regards,
>   Eduard Huguet
> (PS: sorry for double posting. I forgot to change the subject  title
> before.)


yes, DVB-S is working. I'm sitting here in Germany, using Astra 19.2E and 
Hotbird 13.0E. Scanning is possible with Kaffeine and scan (dvbscan on my 
Gentoo-box from media-tv/linuxtv-dvb-apps). So you should check your 
equipment. :)

Als far as I know, you can either use Tino's or ZZam's patch.

Best regards,
Peter Meszmer

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