[linux-dvb] How to force adaptor order when using 2 DVB cards?

Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 17:46:59 CET 2008

    I currently have a media center computer set up using Gentoo 64 bit 
and a Hauppauge Nova-T 500 card (dual DVB-T receiver). Now I'm trying to 
add a new card (DVB-S), and here my problems begin: not mentioning the 
experimental state of the driver (this is a different story that doesn't 
matter now), my problem is that the new card porks the order in which 
the device nodes were created in /dev. And even worse, the actual order 
ing schema is different between a cold boot and rebooting:

Cold boot:
  · DVB:0: DVB-S tuner from Avermedia A700
  · DVB:1,2: DVB-T tuners from Nova-T

  · DVB:0: 1st DVB-T tuner from Nova-T
  · DVB:1: DVB-S tuner from A700
  · DVB:2: 2nd DVB-T tuner from Nova-T

I guess that on a cold boot the Nova-T 500 takes longer to initialize 
(due to the firmware being loaded), so its adaptors gets both created 

Is there any way to avoid this? My MythTV setup currently expects to 
find the 2 Nova-T 500 adaptors on DVB:0 and DVB:1, and In expected the 
new DVB-S adaptor to be created as DVB:2. However, it seems this is not 
the case.

Is there any way to force the numbering schema or the 2 adaptors? ¿Would 
maybe help i.e. setting RC_DEVICE_TARBALL="yes" in /etc/conf.d/rc 
(currently is set to "no") with only the Nova-T connected and then 
adding te other one? I wonder is this would force its adaptors to be 
created always at the same position.

Thanks for any help you could provide.


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