[linux-dvb] TM6000 status

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Fri Feb 8 11:28:14 CET 2008

Hello all,

I've been talking with Michel Ludwig about the ADSTech Mini Dual TV
(PTV-339) USB stick.

It needs the xc2028/3028 module (in the main tree currently?) as well as
the tm6000 module (and firmware).

I see that these two hg branches exist:


This wiki page exists, but look very outdated:


What's the status of all this ? What works?, What doesn't work? What is
needed? Bugs, problems, show-stoppers? (no pressure, yet ;o), this is
just for documentation's sake)

I'm willing to clean-up/update the wiki when given information.

Michel has my ADSTeck stick, and soon the remote as well, with him.


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