[linux-dvb] Two few channels with KWorld DVB-S 100...

Andrea Giuliano sarkiaponius at alice.it
Mon Feb 11 21:16:09 CET 2008


I'm new to this list, but before posting this, I have been looking for 
old posts related to my problems, without results.

Here are the facts:

1) I have a brand new KWorld DVB-S 100

2) It works: "scan" tunes many channels, "szap" let me watch many of 
them, both video and audio are pretty good.

3) The channels "scan" found are too few: most of RAI's and MediaSet's 
channels (I'm in Italy) are not found by scan.

4) I downloaded an initial scan file for Hotbird, and I even tried those 
posted somewhere by italian people, but nothing happens.

5) Dish and cable are OK: I plugged the cable into a standalone FTA 
decoder, and all missing channels are there.

6) I'm running Debian Etch, with kernel

Any hint would be very much appreciated!

Best regards.


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