[linux-dvb] Nova-T-500 disconnect issues

Simeon Walker simbloke at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 14 12:51:37 CET 2008

On 14/02/2008, General <mail at thedesignshop.biz> wrote:
> Hi. I have been following the discussion regarding the mt2060 I2C
>  read / write failed errors. I am running Ubuntu and get the same
>  behaviour since I upgraded to the latest kernel ( to resolve
>  some wireless driver issues I was having. When I was running the
>  standard Ubuntu kernel (2.6.22-14-generic) I never had the disconnect
>  issues in 3 or 4 months of 24/7 usage. This was using the latest v4l-
>  dvb sources as per the wiki.
>  Perhaps this would suggest that the error is not with the dib0700
>  driver but elsewhere?
>  So my dilemma is do I have a constant wireless connection but a dvb
>  driver that drops out or a constant dvb driver with a wireless
>  connection that drops out?!
Ah but you can get the latest wireless drivers for your current kernel:



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