[linux-dvb] MSI TV at nywhere A/D v1.1 patch

Russell Kliese russell at kliese.wattle.id.au
Fri Feb 15 15:43:16 CET 2008


I've created a patch to support the MSI TV at nywhere A/D v1.1 card. This 
card previously had firmware upload issues when using card=109. With 
this patch, it's auto-detected and I haven't experienced any firmware 
upload problems (although my testing hasn't been exhaustive, but I have 
tried a couple of cold boots).

I've tested both analog and digital TV. I haven't yet tested S-Video or 
composite inputs, so these might need to be tweaked.

It would be great if this patch could be merged into the main 
repository. If there are any special requirements to allow this to be 
done, please let me know.


Russell Kliese

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