[linux-dvb] [PATCH] support Cinergy HT USB XE (0ccd:0058)

Hans-Frieder Vogt hfvogt at gmx.net
Sun Feb 17 17:32:36 CET 2008


I am happy to hear that your TV-card finally works.
However, I am still a bit unsure about these GPIO settings. Initially, I just copied the GPIO-settings from another entry and
then left it because it seemed to work. Now, I have digged a little bit into this issue and found, that under Windows my
STK7700PH-based stick gets the GPIO set in a different way.
Could you please try the following modified stk7700ph_frontend_attach routine (in dib0700_devices.c) and tell me
whether this works for your card as well?

static int stk7700ph_frontend_attach(struct dvb_usb_adapter *adap)
        dib0700_set_gpio(adap->dev, GPIO6, GPIO_OUT, 1);
        dib0700_set_gpio(adap->dev, GPIO9, GPIO_OUT, 1);
        dib0700_set_gpio(adap->dev, GPIO4, GPIO_OUT, 1);
        dib0700_set_gpio(adap->dev, GPIO7, GPIO_OUT, 1);
        dib0700_set_gpio(adap->dev, GPIO10, GPIO_OUT, 0);
        dib0700_set_gpio(adap->dev, GPIO10, GPIO_OUT, 1);
        dib0700_set_gpio(adap->dev, GPIO0, GPIO_OUT, 1);

        dib7000p_i2c_enumeration(&adap->dev->i2c_adap, 1, 18, &stk7700ph_dib7700_xc3028_config);

        adap->fe = dvb_attach(dib7000p_attach, &adap->dev->i2c_adap, 0x80,

        return adap->fe == NULL ? -ENODEV : 0;

By the way, I also experience the same problem with the missing SNR info, on two different dib0700-based USB cards.


Am Sonntag, 17. Februar 2008 schrieb Albert Comerma:
> I got it!!!! I remembered that on PCTV DVB-T 72e they had a similar problem,
> which was solved leaving GPIO6 to 0. Doing this the tuning seems to work
> fine. SNR is always reported as 0% but I think this is not a problem, now I
> can scan and tune dvb-t channels. Firmware is 1.10 and xc3028-v27 with that
> modification. Thanks a lot for your help. Next step would be analog.
> Albert

Hans-Frieder Vogt                 e-mail:  hfvogt <at> gmx .dot. net

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