[linux-dvb] Very quiet around Nova-T 500

Jonas Anden jonas at anden.nu
Tue Feb 19 22:56:11 CET 2008

> > There is not a lot being said about the Nova-T 500 the last week.
> > Don´t know if that is a good (coders coding) or a bad (nothin
> > happening)
> Or coders busy on other code, or coders who ran out of ideas, or coders
> enjoying life, etc.

..or just waiting for the problem to reappear ;( The trouble with the
second tuner dying is tricky (for me) to isolate.

As a workaround, enabling full debug (debug=15) on the dvb_usb_dib0700
module has made my system rock solid. I turned on debugging to try to
isolate the issue, but with debugging enabled the problem does not
appear (at least not on my system).

I haven't really figured out *what* in the debug code is helping yet,
but I still suspect that this is timing-related and the debug code
simply slows things down a bit. Enabling debugging will put a whole lot
of "junk" in your system log files, but at least the second tuner wont
die on you. If you go this path, make sure your log rotation works as it
should -- my weekly rotated logs are up to 130 MB in size ;)

  // J

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