[linux-dvb] auto detection of Flytv duo/hybrid and pci/cardbus confusion

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Wed Feb 20 00:25:32 CET 2008

Am Sonntag, den 17.02.2008, 21:53 +0100 schrieb Peter Missel:
> Greetings all!
> Let me clear things up a bit.
> > > First clarification, duo versus hybrid.
> > > Are "duo" cards equipped with two independent tuners that can both be
> > > used at the same time?
> > > Are "hybrid" cards necessarily equipped with digital and analogue tuners?
> > > Can a two tuner card be both a duo and a hybrid, if one tuner is digital
> > > the other is analogue and they can both be used at the same time?
> >
> LifeView are using two vendor IDs - 4E42h for all (!) their OEMs, and their 
> own one for LifeView branded cards. Hence we need two PCI ID entries for 
> everything, each pair pointing back to the same card data.
> Then, card types.
> The analog-only and "hybrid" have one single tuner, for DVB-T or analog. 
> The "Duo" cards have two tuner frontends, one for DVB-T and the other for 
> analog.
> "Trio" cards add a DVB-S frontend, which cannot be used at the same time as 
> the DVB-T frontend. Like the Duo, these can run one digital and one analog 
> stream in parallel.
> Finally, card shapes.
> Each card type comes in CardBus, PCI, and MiniPCI shape. The flavors are 
> compatible, so that again, the PCI ID data point back to the same card entry 
> for e.g. the PCI and CardBus Duo.
> The card type/shape combinations are distinctly identified by their subsystem 
> ID. No need to guesstimate anything.
> That's the plan at least.
> regards,
> Peter

Hi Peter!

Your plan is fine so far.

We might add some more comments to group devices obviously together,
since those looking first time at it are a bit lost.

For such i2c IR limits, we have your and Eddi's comments.

Since we can't help it easily, Peter D. should suggest the older version
of the MSI A/D for auto detection. It won't make anything more worse on
that not fully clear Vivanco stuff, except Hartmut might have ideas.


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