[linux-dvb] RTL2831U kernel driver success

stealth banana stealth.banana at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 15:58:09 CET 2008

Just to post that I have total success with the RTL2831U kernel
drivers and watching with Kaffeine.

I took the source from realtek, and added a makefile so it will
compile as a standalone.  This needed a bit of dirtyness in the form
of copying several files that the modules depend upon from the kernel
source to the module directory.  It still throws up a few warnings
when compiling, mostly to do with redefining things (to be expected
really) and unsigned constants, so the realtek code needs some clean

I am using Kubuntu Gutsy.  I have put a .txt file in the Doc directory
showing what is needed so it can be easily changed for other kernels.
The package is availble from here.


Just unpack, make, sudo make install and it should work on Ubuntu
Gutsy as is.  I have tested it on 2 Kubuntu i386 systems and it works.

I know this is a nasty hack, but it works and the quality and
responsiveness seems a lot better that it does in windows.

I would be interested if anyone else gets this to work.

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