[linux-dvb] Yuan EC372S (STK7700D based device)

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Wed Feb 20 16:29:59 CET 2008

Albert Comerma wrote:
> Is it a coincidence, but there have been updates in kaffeine 
> (0.8.5-35.pm <http://0.8.5-35.pm>)  (libxine1, libxine1-dvb version: 
> 1.1.9-1-0.pm <http://1.1.9-1-0.pm> , for example) and since then 
> everything works. To be confirmed in time.
> So please try if you can use this versions (or newer) and let me know.

xinelib is even newer and Kaffeine version is same. I doubt that xinelib 
and Kaffeine has any effect. It should lock and find PIDs even without 
xinelib when using dvb-apps tools. xinelib and Kaffeine has only effect 
when viewing picture.


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