[linux-dvb] Avermedia PCIe combo tv card

ewomer at charter.net ewomer at charter.net
Fri Feb 22 20:04:26 CET 2008

---- CityK <CityK at rogers.com> wrote: 
> ewomer at charter.net wrote:
> > I was wondering on the status of support of the Avermedia PCIe OEM TV card. it's probly only used in gateway computers. no rush just wondering. thanx 
> >   
> Did you find someone willing to work on support for it? Other wise the 
> status will have not changed .... The point being, development around 
> here is not done like a service centre where you submit an order ticket 
> and then come back a little while later to see if its been filled. So 
> you're going to have to be proactive, and try to secure help with the 
> matter (and there are no guarantees that you will find such) if you are, 
> yourself, unable to directly provide/contribute to the development of 
> support for the device.
> Incidental to your device:
> - Mauro is continuing with efforts to further support for devices using 
> XC3028 ... so you should heed attention to those developments
> - further to our earlier discussion about the MerlinC.rom, mkrufky 
> informed me recently that it is actually for the CX23887 ... the CX23887 
> apparently has a CX2584x spliced/built into it, and the CX2584x requires 
> a firmware.
> - in regards to the encoder portion, see stoth's comment here: 
> http://marc.info/?l=linux-dvb&m=120352870103836&w=2

Sorry for being confused, I just thought that cards were put on a todo list.  Ill update the wiki with the info on the merlinC.rom file. I got the remote from gateway free of charge, which is cool, but now I cant open it to  get photos of it up on the wiki and since I ditched vista for M$ faster better supported OS windows xp pro I got no use for the remote, so its a ice looking paperweight. As far as contributing the only thing safe for me to do is testing, I looked at the cx23885 source code and figured I do a little copy paste rename to get it to stop saying its an unknown card and winced, my luck even though im in Linux I figured if I messed with the code long enough id end up with a windows blue screen of death. at least that's what happened when I tried to write a cpuid program in windows. sorry for getting of topic. thankx for your help.

something with gateway written on it and a windows logo being a paperweight isn’t to suprising.

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