[linux-dvb] HD capture

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Sat Feb 23 03:04:35 CET 2008


Am Samstag, den 23.02.2008, 03:35 +0400 schrieb Manu Abraham:
> CityK wrote:
> > Manu Abraham wrote:
> >> CityK wrote:
> >>
> >> For V4L to work with devices that way, it will need to copy more from 
> >> the other
> >> subsystems such as Video, DVB and ALSA since V4L alone is not any 
> >> specific
> >> "real" subsystem pertaining to something in real life. V4L just 
> >> originated as a
> >> means to tune Analog TV cards under Linux, which later went in a 
> >> different tangent.
> > 
> > While the move to multi-purpose, single IC devices is inevitable, the 
> > processing stages for the varying applications which the IC will perform 
> > (i.e. demodulation, encoding, ADC, etc)  remain the same ... I don't see 
> > how V4L would be cut out of the block ... unless, of course, that means 
> > DVB means to expand its capabilities and/or absorbing some of those 
> > currently handled by V4L
> The in between stages will be masked out by larger stages which will wrap
> around them, thereby you don't see those small basic controls. As you see
> compared to the old days, you don't have that micro level controls anymore
> these days. Those are getting phased out at a reasonable pace, with more
> hardware doing those functionality of manual control. (features getting
> packed in to make look like something different)
> For example, When there is so much integration at such a stage, you feel
> silly including something gigantic for something too silly. In such a 
> case for
> example of a TV output, you might not even need something that complex,
> for such a small feature. (to cite as a crude example, maybe a bad example,
> but i hope you get the idea)

Maybe some facts in between, instead of pure advertising.

If you have that, sold per every single device painfully.

You still need something like this.

And still have exactly nothing.

If it stays like that, this will likely have some new owners soon,
but teach me better.


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