[linux-dvb] TechniSat SkyStar HD: Problems scaning and zaping

Artem Makhutov artem at makhutov.org
Sat Feb 23 18:44:06 CET 2008


On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 12:35:49PM +0000, Vangelis Nonas wrote:
> > My problems are:
> > - When I scan the same transponder more than once, sometimes I get some services, sometimes I get no services.

I have never tried to scan with the SkyStar HD.

> > - When I zap (with szap2) to a station more than once, sometimes I get a lock, sometimes I get no lock.

I have the same problem. I was trying to tune to ProSieben 100 times today. And I got only 11 successful locks.
The signal strengt should be ok, as I have no problems to tune this
channel with other DVB-S cards...

Here is a little script to do such tests:

You need this szap (http://abraham.manu.googlepages.com/szap.c) and this
patch (http://www.makhutov.org/downloads/dvb/szap.patch) to make the script work.

Has anyone any ideas why the tuning failes so often? Is it a problem of
szap or the driver itself? I heard, that this card works perfect with VDR for other users...

> > - I have also tried with vdr 1.4.7(old DVB API) and 1.5.14 (new dvb API). Both versions can tune to only one channel, the "Active" channel from previous vdr shutdown. When you change channel the signal is lost. I suppose it relates to the zap problem.

I have not tried out VDR with the SkyStar HD. I will run some tests
during the next week.

Regards, Artem

Artem Makhutov
Unterort Str. 36
D-65760 Eschborn

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