[linux-dvb] A positive comment - Commercial detection

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Mon Feb 25 00:13:17 CET 2008

In those days of highlighting shortcomings and bitter comments, I'd like
to express my satisfaction with MythTV.

I've had a history of bad reception of the local DVB-T signal. It was
bad enough to make the dumped MPEG-2 files quite ugly and corrupted.

Because of this the commercial detection process did not really work. It
was choking on the mpeg crap.

I have corrected my reception.

And the commercial detection is working like a charm.

Very impressive.

Yes, MythTV has legacy to clean-up. Yes, it has ugly sides. Yes the
interface and setup can be quite scary.

Yes, Elisa looks very cool. Yes other projects are attractive. Yes,
there are other great projects out there.

But they are all motivated by MythTV, they all have quite a way to go
before they provide the level of features, functionality and
adaptability that MythTV has today.

And when there is no competition, things are not as good, heh?

So MythTV community, way to go, and keep it up!

And when is 0.21 going to be released? Just kidding...


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