[linux-dvb] New Hauppauge DVB PCIe devices HVR-2200, HVR-1700 and HVR-1200

Halim Sahin halim.sahin at t-online.de
Wed Feb 27 23:42:10 CET 2008


>I would imagine that is usually to reduce costs. I assume that the buyers 
>for the companies are always trying to negotiate lower prices to increase 
>profit margins, and playing the various chip suppliers off against each 
>other to shave a few cents off the components. If Dibcom refuse to lower 
>their price any further, then the company will switch to ULI or some other 
> Supply volume might also be an issue - maybe the current manufacturer 
> cannot provide enough volume.
> Failure rate of the components might also be an issue.

I think the newer cards aren't realy better than the old ones.

I have a skystar2.6b. This card is working very well but Technisat produced 
newer versions without realy new features.
The only thing is the linuxdrivers need to be adapted for those cards.

Technotrend FF dvb-2.1 and the s-2300 is another example.

Sorry I hope you can understand what I mean.


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