[linux-dvb] Help with Skystar HD2 (Twinhan VP-1041/Azurewave AD SP400 rebadge)

Simeon Simeonov simeonov_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 07:48:48 CET 2008

Hi Manu,

Here is some more info about my diseqc problem:

> Ok, does sending the commands as it is on the fly help for you, rather 
> than storing
> all of them in the FIFO and whack them out in a disciplined way ?
> If it looks working better that way, will try that and ask others as
> well whether they
> see similar benefits ?

The short answer is no,  I do not see any benefits of sending the whole
diseqc command.

Unfortunately I still do not have a good idea what exactly the problem is.
Here is what I tried:
1. Bypass the rotor and connect directly to the switch: in that case switch
works 100% of the times even though I am first sending a rotor switch command
and then switch command and no repeats. This I checked with both mythtv
and szap.
2. Connect the rotor and send a rotor, followed by a switch command with no repeats.
In this case rotor works fine but the switch works 1/10 times. But my rotor does not
get reprogrammed
3. Send more than 2 diseqc command - being repeat for either switch or rotor or both.
Well if the rotor does not have to move (I have 2 satellites that I can use for that)
switch works about half of the time but as soon as try to move the rotor it gets all

I really have no idea what is happening. Again I looked up the mantis i2c commands
and all diseqc ones that are sent look correct. 
Any hints are welcome.

Thanks for your help,

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