[linux-dvb] New Hauppauge DVB PCIe devices HVR-2200, HVR-1700 and HVR-1200

Craig Whitmore lennon at orcon.net.nz
Thu Feb 28 08:10:25 CET 2008

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From: "Halim Sahin" <halim.sahin at t-online.de>
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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: [linux-dvb] New Hauppauge DVB PCIe devices HVR-2200,HVR-1700 
and HVR-1200

Has anyone actually put a HVR-2200 in a linux box and seen what happens? 
does linux find nothing or what? What exactly makes PCI-E cards hard to 
start to get right (or its not hard.. just no one has had time to do it?)

I might get one.... I have an HVR4000 with 1 DVB-T tuner at the moment and 
an extra 2 DVB-T tuners it would be nice (and we only have 3 transponder 
freqs in NZ and it would cover them all) (and I have 3 PCI-E slots free not 
in use)


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