[linux-dvb] TT Connect S2-3600

André Weidemann Andre.Weidemann at web.de
Thu Feb 28 09:36:03 CET 2008

Manu Abraham wrote:
> What do you use to play back ? is the distortions seen with dvb-s2/h.264 
> only ?

I'm using vdr-1.5.12 with Reinhard Nissls h.264 patch and xine.
Just for comparison... Tuning with the TT S2-3200 works for DVB-S and 
DVB-S2 channels. The picture quality great, no distortion at all.

I managed to get a Pinnacle 452e for testing. The Pinnacle 452e as well 
as the TT connect S2-3600 show image distortions on all channels. There 
is no difference between channels on a DVB-S or DVB-S2 transponders. BER 
and UNC seem to be zero, if the femon output can still be trusted for 
the multiproto drivers.

My patch for the TT connect S2-3600 is far from perfect. I will 
hopefully be able to post a new version this week.

I just saw, that you have committed some changes to the multiproto tree 
a few days ago. I will check out the repository tonight and see how 
things are now.


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