[linux-dvb] dvico dual digital 4 revision 2.0

Martin Thompson hireach at internode.on.net
Thu Feb 28 09:38:48 CET 2008

have chris pascoe intrested but he is very busy so could be a while before he looks into it
the new card has a new hardware id  last 2 digits is 98 not 78
am working with a mate who has a revision 1.1 card
if i change the v4l-dvb haidware id to mine
linux will pick it up and install the driver
but can not find the frontend (using mythtv)
what is the command that you usb to give all the info about the card
so i can check against an working one 
and maybe pick whats differnet

cheers sorry if sounding like a newbie
as on an other forum the is now counting me 4 people who have bought this for mythtv going on chris's work
not knowing dvico have changed the card

at present linux doesnt even see the card only the via on the lspci
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