[linux-dvb] [OT] UHF masthead amp power supply location

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Thu Feb 28 22:25:17 CET 2008

This this OT, but I don't really know where to ask. And after all, the
odds are that I will find a person with that sort of knowledge here.

I currently have a masthead amp for my DVB-T antenna. It uses a power
supply in the house that inject current through the antenna cable.

I am now installing my Sat DVB-S system properly (i.e. not with a cable
going through an open window), and I'd like to use a combiner/splitter
system as I cannot lay a new cable from the dish to the tuner for the
satellite signal (very old granite house), and I would like the existing
cable going under the floor.

I am afraid that the masthead amp power supply will be bothering the
whole deal. I cannot get rid of the amp, my DVB-T reception is too weak
without it.

Here are diagrams of my 2 options:


Option A - This is the easiest for me to achieve, but the position of
the power supply worries me.

Option B - I'm confident that this is technically sound, except that the
necessary physical location of the power supply in this case has no
power plug nearby...

My question is: can Option A fly?

Thanks for your help.


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