[linux-dvb] Going though hell here, please provide how to for Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick 330e

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Fri Feb 29 15:27:10 CET 2008

Markus Rechberger wrote:
> On 2/29/08, Nicolas Will <nico at youplala.net> wrote:
>> hmmm...
>> guys.
>> First thing: on a Debian or Ubuntu system, I never needed the full Linux
>> sources to compile a v4l-dvb tree. The headers were always enough.
>> Second thing: when you compile a v4l-dvb tree on the side, I do not
>> think that it is adding anything in the headers.
>> So, if you subsequently need to compile a driver that needs stuff from a
>> recent v4l-dvb tree, it won't find it.
>> Third thing: That weird driver of yours is probably looking for its
>> stuff either int the headers (were there will not be anything good to
>> find because of the point made above) or in an available kernel source
>> tree (where it will probably not find anything that will make it happy
>> because your recent v4l-dvb tree is elsewhere).
>> May I suggest to get a kernel source tree (from the appropriate
>> package), incorporate the v4l-dvb tree in it, then try to compile your
>> weird driver against this.
>> Getting rid of the headers may help.
> When you compile the v4l-dvb or v4l-dvb-experimental tree it will
> update your whole v4l and dvb subsystem.
> As soon as you do so it won't work to install any other external media
> drivers anymore, beside that v4l-dvb is much bigger than the snipped
> out em28xx driver.
> em28xx-userspace2 and userspace-drivers only contains the drivers for
> em28xx based devices and won't affect any other drivers on the system.
> Since the uvc driver is also out of tree it won't break
> compiling/using the uvc driver against the current running kernel.
> The kernel sources are needed because some internal headers are needed
> for the em28xx to build an alternative tuning system for hybrid
> radio/analogue TV/DTV devices. It should work flawlessly with older
> kernel releases where v4l-dvb already fails to compile.
> It's also easier to keep backward compatibility while not breaking any
> other drivers on the system that way (and this is seriously needed)
> Beside all that:
> There's a .deb package available I posted the link very early already
> compiling from source can always introduce some mess so you better
> know what you do otherwise you have to learn how it works...
> The build scripts already do alot work there for several different distributions
> Markus

I spent several hours again to see if I could get it working on Debian 
sid. I got a little bit further bit still got compilation errors.

Can you please look at my attachments.

Kind regards,


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