[linux-dvb] AverTV Hybrid Volar HX

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 16:29:41 CET 2008

Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
> Hi Manu
> I'd like to hear it clearly - should I safe my time to play with this device?
> Do you mean by this answer that you know someone already writes the
> driver for AsusTV Hybrid Volar HX USB device ?
> (And driver will be opensource and usable with any kernel I need ?)
> What is the timeplan of this event ?
> Thanks for your answers.

There is a OSS driver upcoming, supported by the chip manufacturer themselves 
(AFA Technologies.) I have been a bit involved in that process. 

Currently it is tested on some few devices only and is not a generic driver as it is 
(due to the complexities involved in the various configurations of the device, 
Single USB, Dual USB, Platform mode, PCI/PCIe based devices. even SPI is supported 
on it for some tuners -- for a Consumer Electronics product that runs Windows CE). 
The upcoming driver is meant to be usable in all these configurations, and will 
be supported by them in the future as well, for newer designs. (Lot more devices
to appear, based on this chipset)

There have been some peripheral manufacturers who have been also involved in the
process such as Terratec, Azurewave, DigitalNow and Pinnacle, other than Avermedia.
There are some 5 unbranded Chinese manufacturers too.
(I had asked the chip manufacturer about your device, for which Avermedia has 2 
products based on the same, a USB based and a PCIe Dual demodulator based device.) 

The current state is that there are some tests going on in the AFA labs on the driver 
for the chip (currently, 2nd round) due to all the Hardware hacks on the chip to handle 
all these diverse configurations.

Will post details on the same, on this list as it arrives.


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